Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jelly Fish, Jelly Beans and MORE

Hello Cherub Friends,

Wow! We have had a busy few days....we have been learning about all things J over the past few we learned about Jellyfish and where they live and how big they get! We saw a picture one bigger than the diver next to it!

Yesterday we did a jelly bean counting, sorting and catagorizing activity. How many red jelly beans to you have? Find 3 black jelly beans, count out 5 green jelly beans from your bowl...lots of talking about bigger/smaller, color, which beans had more colors than others, the next biggest and more things. And of course, each child picked out 5 jelly beans in their bowls that they could eat at the end! That makes the learning time even better.

Today we made our own jellyfish....look for these soon, floating in our imaginary tank! We have had lots of fun with this theme...tomorrow, it's all about jelly....grape, strawberry, blackberry and more and how good it tastes on toast!

Have a great evening!
Miss Sue

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